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Greek Sound Structures Logo-NO LEVERHULM

Greek Sound Structures is the title of the monograph that will be the main output of research funded by a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship titled "Politics and linguistic variation in a post-diglossic speech community" (MRF-2018-094, in 2019-2020) and a Morhmann Grant (2020 on). The aim of the project is to examine how the recent economic crisis in Greece created moral panic and reinforced ideologies leading to the revival of phonological forms that were in the wane after the abolition of Greek diglossia in 1976 (and subsequent recognition of the L variety, Dimotiki, as the official language of the country). The goal is to produce a monograph on the sound system of Greek as it is used today and to explore the role that diglossia has played in creating this system in which forms that are phonologically incompatible with each other co-exist (with these incompatibilities now coming to the fore due to more positive attitudes towards the diglossia H variety, Katharevousa). This is the first systematic exploration of the speech patterns of a post-diglossic speech community, i.e. of a community in which typical arguments of speakers having two systems (frequently used in older literature on Greek phonetics and phonology) can no longer apply.

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